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  • CENTERVILLE (Deseret News) — If hearing is believing, Utah's housing market is in the midst of recovery. Check out all those rebound sounds — nail guns popping, chop saws whirling and hammers banging — emanating from a new subdivision near you.

  • CENTERVILLE (Davis County Clipper) — The city’s 14-screen megaplex and mixed use project is moving forward, though Centerville officials are looking for partners in a community development agreement (CDA) that will help speed the process along.

  • The final site plan for an In-N-Out Burger was approved by the Centerville City Council. The popular fast food chain will be built on 1.5 acres at 475 N. 700 West in Centerville. Mark Noack with Greenborough Farrow Architecture is the applicant. Construction on the building is scheduled to begin this summer.

  • (Salt Lake Tribune) In-N-Out Burger has put in an application to build a shop in Centerville on 700 West, the frontage road alongside Interstate 15, as it expands its presence in Utah.

    "They are finalizing their building permit. In fact, they are meeting right now with building officials," Community Development Director Cory Snyder said Friday. "Probably within a month, they'll have a permit."

  • CENTERVILLE (Davis County Clipper) — Though the props and actors are still nearly a year away, the bricks and mortar are already starting to take the shape of the stages that will be waiting for them.

    Construction is progressing on schedule and within budget at the Davis Cultural Arts Center (DCAC), with crews having already built the main stage area to its full height. Currently, they’re working out from there, including the masonry on the black box theater.

  • CENTERVILLE (Deseret News) — Night life in Centerville? A few years ago that would have sounded nearly impossible.

    But by 2011, this Davis County city could become a destination for film and theater.

    U.S. Development, a developer based in Layton, is working with another developer on a plan to bring a 14-screen Megaplex theater, entertainment center and 252 units of residential apartments to Centerville between I-15 and Legacy Parkway.

    The development is being planned for 28 acres just south of Parrish Lane and west of I-15.

  • CENTERVILLE (Davis County Clipper) — By Christmas of 2010, residents of Centerville and the surrounding area could be spending part of their holiday leisure time watching movies at a new theater, here.

    While nothing is signed or sealed, plans are in the works to develop a 14-screen movie theater in partnership with the Larry H. Miller group. They’ve built such theater complexes as Jordan Commons Megaplex Theaters in Salt Lake County.

  • CENTERVILLE (Davis County Clipper) — City hall is a little bigger than it used to be.

    Work is wrapping up on the Centerville City Hall expansion, with crews currently focusing on painting and other details of both the remodeled downstairs and new upstairs addition. The addition is serving as the new home for the justice court, while the downstairs remodel created more useable space for the police department and a public room that can be used by anyone.

  • Centerville (Salt Lake Tribune) » Doris Donat found herself divorced and out of her home. She wanted a place of her own but didn't know what she could afford.

    Then she found Pineae Gardens in Centerville and a condo in her price range.

    "I couldn't rent a place as beautiful as I'm in now," said Donat.

    The occasion for Donat's remarks was a checkup on the affordable-housing project by Henry Cisneros, the former mayor of San Antonio and secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton.

  • Centerville » Doris Donat found herself divorced and out of her home. She wanted a place of her own but didn't know what she could afford. Then she found Pineae Gardens in Centerville and a condo in her price range.

  • CENTERVILLE (Davis County Clipper) — The half-shaped walls hold dreams, backed by the hard work and careful planning that any dream needs to become reality.

    Work is moving ahead on the Davis Cultural Arts Center (DCAC), located at 535 N. 400 West. in Centerville (the north side of Parrish Lane). Those behind the project, which is still on track to be completed in time for the 2011 theater season, plan on it becoming a focal point for performing arts in South Davis.

  • CENTERVILLE (Deseret News) — Helping working-class and middle-class families become homeowners could be a major driver in the nation's economic recovery.

    That may sound a lot like the mantra that helped burst the recent historic housing bubble in the first place, but a former housing official said this latest plan would be quite different and potentially much more successful in the long term.

  • CENTERVILLE (Deseret News) — The Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America will hold a grand opening of its newly-completed Scout store, 380 E. Pages Lane, on Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.

    The North Valley Scout Shop will serve more than 10,000 Scouts and leaders in Davis County. The full-service, 2,000-square-foot store is located inside Ace Hardware.

    For the grand opening, there will be treats, door prizes, pinewood derby cars and a race tracks for friendly competitions. At noon, a ribbon cutting will be performed by a local Cub Scout.

  • (Deseret News) That Double-Double is just a few months away, close enough you can almost taste it.

    And as the months progress, it will take progressively shorter drives to reach what could the be most anticipated restaurant to come to northern Utah.

    Add Centerville to the list of cities where residents may order from one of the simplest menus in the restaurant business: hamburger, cheeseburger, Double-Double, fries, drink, shake.

  • CENTERVILLE — You can't really call it a groundbreaking because earth work for the Davis Cultural Arts Center has been going on for months.

    But it looked like a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at the construction site, 535 N. 400 West, complete with local dignitaries, speeches and a check for $800,000.

    Instead, it was called a construction kickoff, an event officials from Centerville and Bountiful, as well as the future tenants of the center, hope will show to potential investors that the project has begun in earnest — that this isn't a conceptual project.

  • CENTERVILLE — City officials are ecstatic: Not only did they manage to secure their largest chunk of financing for the Davis Cultural Arts Center, they also got a great interest rate.
    You think your new 4.625 percent mortgage is good? Try a 2.97 percent rate on AA-rated sales-tax revenue bonds. Too bad your house isn't a public entity. Original Article

  • The Centerville Planning Commission is developing a master plan for the Shorelands Commerce Park District located north and west of the Legacy Parkway. The currently undeveloped area will soon need infrastructure with the potential for growth and development. The plan outlines the development of a unique business park that will promote continued economic growth and ensure compatible development with the Legacy Parkway and associated nature preserve.

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