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  • Washington • The number of people who bought existing U.S. homes in November declined for the third straight month. Higher mortgage rates have made home-buying more expensive, while the lingering impact of the October government shutdown may have deterred some sales.
    The National Association of Realtors says home sales fell 4.3 percent to an annual rate of 4.90 million. That’s the weakest pace since December 2012, and the first time since April that the pace has slipped below 5 million.
    Still, ...

  • New York • Stocks are slipping and long-term interest rates are rising a day after the Federal Reserve said it would reduce its bond purchases.
    The Dow Jones industrial average was down 26 points, or 0.2 percent, to 16,138 in the first few minutes of trading Thursday.
    The Standard & Poor’s 500 fell five points, or 0.3 percent, to 1,806. Utilities stocks fell the most.
    The Nasdaq composite was off 10 points, or 0.3 percent, to 4,059.
    Bond prices fell, sending yields higher. The yield on the 10-y...

  • Rep. Joel Briscoe, D-Salt Lake City, wants lawmakers to do something risky during the upcoming election year: debate whether to allow local governments to raise sales tax for mass transit by about 67 percent.
    “We can’t solve air pollution and [smoggy] inversions without it,” he says.
    He hopes to help pay to restore Utah Transit Authority bus service — cut amid the recession and high-cost construction of new rail projects — to encourage more people to leave cars at home. Expanding bus service is ...

  • Bribing kids to eat their greens may not sound like great public policy, but new research from Brigham Young University suggests it might work.
    A federal overhaul of public school lunches is putting an additional $5.4 million in fresh fruits and vegetables on kids’ plates every day. But many parents won’t be shocked to know that kids throw away 70 percent of that extra healthy stuff, according to researchers’ observations of three Utah schools.
    That’s about $3.8 million going in the trash can d...

  • “To contend that the obligation imposed on the president to see the laws faithfully executed implies a power to forbid their execution is a novel construction of the Constitution, and is entirely inadmissible.”
    — U.S. Supreme Court, 1838

    WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans’ long-simmering dismay about Barack Obama’s offenses against the separation of powers became acute when events compelled him to agree with them that the Affordable Care Act could not be implemented as wr...

  • Sick of the filthy air? Let’s raise the gas tax to subsidize lower fares and expanded service on UTA. Even though I rarely use UTA, that will benefit me with cleaner air, less road congestion and lower taxes for future highway construction and maintenance.
    Steve Woodall
    Salt Lake City

  • There may be no more horrifying moment than the plop of your expensive smartphone as it falls into the toilet bowl.
    But face it, it’s happened either to yourself or at least someone you know. In Utah, mishaps involving iPhones apparently happen a lot.
    SquareTrade, which provides protection plans for electronic devices, released its annual Clumsiest States Index and found that Utah is the fifth clumsiest when it comes to iPhone accidents and damage.
    The index is based on the number of claims fil...

  • Reno, Nev. • Police think a suicidal gunman was on a mission of violence when he calmly entered a third-floor urology office and opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun, killing one doctor, shooting another and critically wounding a third person
    A witness who was among those the shooter passed in the waiting area where the shootings took place by told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the man could have killed many more people at the Reno medical complex if that was his intent.
    Detectives have...

  • The findings of a five-month, $2.3 million investigation of alleged favors, gifts, deals and disappearing data surrounding former Attorney General John Swallow will be revealed to Utahns over two days starting Thursday — a watershed event in the nearly yearlong scandal that forced him from office.
    “We are going to present the results of our investigative work,” said Rep. Jim Dunnigan, R-Taylorsville, chairman of the House Special Investigative Committee. “It will go over two days, both [Thursday...

  • Washington • The Federal Reserve has decided to reduce its stimulus for the U.S. economy because the job market has shown steady improvement. The shift could lead to higher long-term borrowing rates for individuals and businesses.
    The Fed’s decision amounts to a vote of confidence in the economy six years after the Great Recession struck. It signals the Fed’s belief that the U.S. economy is finally achieving consistent gains.
    The central bank said in a statement after its policy meeting ended We...

  • After refusing to pay a $3,500 charge for disparaging the online geek gadget retailer, a Layton couple are taking KlearGear to court.
    “One of the important things about this case is to send a message to bad actors like KlearGear that they can’t stick outlandish terms in the fine print and expect to be able to enforce them,” said Scott Michelman, an attorney with Public Citizen who is co-counsel with Utah attorney Lester A. Perry of Hoole & King.
    According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. Dis...

  • WASHINGTON • A presidential advisory panel has recommended sweeping changes to government surveillance programs, including limiting the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records by stripping the National Security Agency of its ability to store that data in its own facilities. Court orders would be required before the information could be searched.
    In a 300-page report released Wednesday, the five-member panel also proposed greater scrutiny of decisions to spy on friendly foreign leaders, a pra...

  • Hunkering down for the holidays with new toys and gadgets might work for a short time, but kids and parents alike eventually might become stir crazy.
    Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do during the holidays along the Wasatch Front, especially for those willing to dress for cold and snowy conditions.
    Whether going downhill or cross-country skiing, enjoying snowshoeing, riding a new bike around Liberty or Sugar House Parks, or doing some wildlife watching, there is no reason to be bored.

  • Logan
    Two of Frank Maile’s defensive linemen made the All-Mountain West second team. Utah State ranks 10th nationally in rushing defense. The Aggies have qualified for a bowl game in each of his three seasons as a full-time coach, the first such streak in school history.
    Add it up, and Maile is the biggest bargain in his profession.
    He’s among the lowest-paid assistant coaches in the Football Bowl Subdivision, according to USA Today’s database. Maile’s salary of $45,690 (plus $2,000 in outsid...

  • Join sports columnists Kurt Kragthorpe and Gordon Monson today at 12:15 p.m. for a live Trib Talk video chat as they discuss the Jazz’s current road trip and the rise of rookie point guard Trey Burke, the search for a new Real Salt Lake coach and a look at BYU and Utah State’s upcoming bowl games.You can join the discussion by sending questions or comments to the hashtag #TribTalk on Twitter and Google+ or you can post them in the comments section below this story. The live video will appear at ...

  • New York • The stock market had a swift and clear reaction to the Federal Reserve’s decision to trim its stimulus efforts: This wasn’t so bad after all.
    Stocks surged Wednesday, lifting the Dow Jones industrial average nearly 300 points, after the Fed decided it was time to start modestly scaling back its program to boost America’s growth and stock market. The central bank cited a stronger jobs market and improving economy.
    Stock investors had long anticipated the Fed would pull back at some po...

  • St. George Police officers responded to Chase Bank in St. George at approximately noon on Saturday after receiving reports the bank had been robbed.

  • A family's quest to sign up for health insurance has left children in limbo and parents frustrated.
  • Forget about my two front teeth, all I want for Christmas is a video game not focused on blood and gore.
    As a parent of a teenage boy, there are a few shoot ‘em up video games in my house. My ex-wife and I were able to keep him from these kind of games for years, but you can hold off for only so long.
    Much has been written about the influence of violent video games on the development of teenagers. I’ve written about it as well, noting that games like Minecraft help with educating the mind of a t...

  • A poetic tag team of Sandburg and Shakespeare might sum up Utah’s mid-week, inversion-plagued forecast this way: “The smog comes on little, hacking cat feet . . . something wicked this way comes.”
    As a high pressure front aloft tightens its grip on the state’s urban valleys, cold air and automobile and industrial emissions are trapped. With each day the inversion continues, pollutants are building toward unhealthy levels.
    The Utah Division of Air Quality issued a spate of “air quality action” ad...

  • Washington • The Senate slowly began working its way through a backlog of presidential nominees Tuesday now that Republicans are virtually powerless to block confirmations, approving a once-stalled judge to a powerful appeals court and a new director for the agency that oversees federal home lending.
    But Republicans, still seething over a power play last month by Democrats to curtail the filibuster significantly, have settled on a strategy for retribution: Make the confirmation process as time-c...

  • Washington • U.S. regulators have taken a major step toward reining in high-risk trading on Wall Street, banning the largest banks from trading for their own profit in most cases.
    It took three years to write and adopt the Volcker Rule, one of the most critical changes to financial laws in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis.
    The Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Office of the Comptro...

  • Washington • U.S. regulators have approved a rule that seeks to defuse the kind of risk-taking on Wall Street that helped trigger the 2008 financial crisis.
    The Volcker Rule is expected to change the way the largest U.S. banks do business. It strives to limit banks’ riskiest trading bets that could implode at taxpayers’ expense. Some think the rule goes too far, others not far enough.
    Here are questions and answers about the Volcker Rule:
    Q: What is it?
    A: The Volcker Rule is a key plank of a fi...

  • Re Barbara Bisping’s misinformed letter on the F-35 (“F-35 jets are unneeded expense,” Forum, Dec. 8): First, this advanced new aircraft replaces the F16, not the F-22 which has a different mission entirely.
    But more important, it always amazes me that supposedly “progressive” citizens look at the successes of our strong military — protection of our shore and our interests, keeping us free and safe — and use that very success as an argument to not invest in that strength.
    Ironically, the resul...

  • Re Tribune editorial of Dec. 6 regarding Utah’s “gold standard” on marriage (“Utah’s anti-gay marriage stance is divisive”):
    Speaking as one who lives outside Utah, I’m forever amazed by the Tribune’s naive, arrogant and two-dimensional grasp of social and religious issues.
    As far as I know, the Utah law and others like it do not diminish the importance of or contributions made by single parents, blended or adoptive families. To pretend otherwise is to construct yet another easily assaulted st...

  • Queens’ Tea holiday sale
    The Queens’ Tea, a Salt Lake company that specializes in high-quality loose-leaf tea blends, will hold a holiday sale at its commercial kitchen in downtown Salt Lake City. The company sells a variety of black, green, white and oolong tea blends and tea accessories, which will be available at discounted prices. There also will be samples of hot tea, ginger cookies and prizes. For holiday tea ideas, look for the company’s Christmas Magic, a vanilla-flavored black tea with...

  • The Utah lieutenant governor’s office is reviewing the residency status of the Republican candidates seeking to replace former Attorney General John Swallow after questions surfaced about whether several met the constitutional criteria for the job.
    Three candidates — Brent Ward, Scott Burns and Michelle Mumford — all lived outside Utah in recent years. Ward and Burns worked for the Bush administration in Washington while Mumford lived in California before moving to Utah.
    The Utah Constitution re...

  • If you think gasoline prices in Utah are dropping, you are right.
    AAA reports that Utah’s current average gasoline price is $3.05 for regular, 18 cents less expensive than last months and 36 cents lower than a year ago. Only seven states have lower gasoline prices than Utah. And the Beehive State compares well with the national average of $3.26.
    “Plentiful supplies, flat demand and falling crude prices combined for dramatic relief at the pump for Utah motorists this fall, but the lower pricing t...

  • Should I buy a smart TV or a regular TV with a Roku player? It seems that price is not the issue, but perhaps you can explain other aspects that may help in the decision? Thanks. — Steven Snow.
    Most new televisions today are known as “smart TVs,” which means they have a built-in computer processor and a Wi-Fi receiver that enable them to stream more movies, TV shows and music through downloadable apps.
    This ability to have apps that can play different content was first available only through s...

  • New York • The founder of Lululemon is stepping down as chairman after raising ire with his comments about the body types of potential buyers of the retailer’s yoga pants.
    The company also said Tuesday that it is appointing Laurent Potdevin as its next CEO. He succeeds Christine Day, who announced in June that she planned to resign.
    Chip Wilson said in a recent television interview that some women’s bodies “just don’t actually work” for Lululemon pants. He also said that thigh rubbing over time ...

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