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  • A 26-year-old Minnesota woman who was reportedly held captive in Mesquite for six months was freed Saturday by officers with the Mesquite Police Department, who were alerted to her condition by a tipster.

  • A construction worker was injured Monday afternoon after falling from the construction site on the upper portion of the new Dixie Middle School.

  • Two skydivers were injured Saturday after they bumped into each other and their parachutes became entangled, said Captain John Gately, public information officer with the Mesquite Fire and Rescue Department.

  • The former presidential candidate attended a regional conference for LDS young single adults Jan. 11.
  • A letter the girl intended only for herself gained national recognition when her parents found it.
  • A man convicted and sent to prison three years ago for sexually abusing a pre-teen girl at a St. George hotel was released from jail Wednesday as attorneys prepare to schedule a new trial on the charges.

  • A traffic stop led to three drug arrests after a Santa Clara-Ivins Police Officer learned the driver was reportedly holding a loaded syringe containing methamphetamine in her bra.

  • As of Saturday evening, law enforcement officers were still searching for an elderly man suspected of robbing the Wells Fargo Bank on South Main Street in Cedar City that afternoon.

  • Several Southern Utah officials as well as volunteers with the Winchester Hills Fire Department broke ground Saturday on the property where a new fire station is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 31.

  • Having served the community for the last four years, Cedar City Mayor Joe Burgess said he's leaving office Monday with no regrets, adding that he's glad he didn't run for a second term.

  • It must have seemed like a miracle when the first commercial antibiotic killed gram-positive cocci in the 1930s.
  • Quirky as it seems, visiting historic prisons is a captivating learning experience, and The Wyoming Frontier Prison & Peace Officers Museum in Rawlins, Wyo., is no exception.

  • Utah’s fight against same-sex marriage may not be the only case in which the state seeks outside counsel to bolster an attorney general’s office that some legislative leaders, seeing missteps in big cases, fear is in some disarray from the yearlong probe and Dec. 3 resignation of John Swallow.
    “We need to sit down with the attorney general’s office and say, ‘What are you doing and what can we do to help,’ ” said Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, who is an attorney and a member of legislative leade...

  • Grade • C
    DVD • In his directorial debut, “Don Jon,” actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows some sharp technical skills, but his clichéd script does his performance no favors.
    Gordon-Levitt plays Jon, dubbed “The Don” by his buddies for his pick-up talent. Jon loves the ladies, and he loves his parents (Tony Danza and Glenne Headly), but he really loves his Internet porn.
    Then he meets Barbara (Scarlett Johansson), a shallow beauty who starts molding Jon into her image of a perfect boyfriend. He al...

  • Members of the Utah House may be feeling a sense of deep frustration right now. They spent all that precious time, taxpayers money and political capital on the investigation of disgraced former Attorney General John Swallow, and they didn’t even get to impeach the bum.
    But even though Swallow resigned before the House could lower the boom on him for his dirty campaign finance dealings, there is another, highly worthy, target on which lawmakers could and should take their vengeance.
    The state’s ...

  • Faced with Winter Olympics in the snows of Russia, which lately has enacted abhorrently anti-gay laws, the Obama White House has made the perfect response.
    Not a boycott: The 1980 Moscow Games taught us that boycotts only punish the athletes, who have spent years — practically their whole lives in some cases — preparing to compete. Rather, Vladimir Putin’s Dark Ages legislation will be answered with the makeup of the official U.S. delegation to the games.
    Not a single top administration official...

  • Dear Carolyn • My mother-in-law is an alcoholic. A couple of years ago, she drove drunk with my sister-in-law’s kids, and my sister-in-law cut off all of my mother-in-law’s contact with them. Since then, my mother-in-law got two DUIs and lost her license. To her credit, she has made SOME inroads to getting sober. I am pregnant with our first. Another sibling has been pressuring my husband to let my mother-in-law watch our kid on occasion, unsupervised. Husband is caving, despite knowing of my co...

  • When the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads drove the last spike at Promontory, Utah on May 10, 1869, they connected East to West and put Ogden on the map as a bustling metropolis.
    Called “Junction City” for its extensive network of railroads and short lines, the former farming community was a hub of trade teeming with agricultural, livestock and industrial activity. It also was home to one of the state’s earliest skyscrapers.
    “Among the ‘three grand ladies’ built during the state’s...

  • Park City • He was a farmer and barkeep, a real estate agent and environmental activist, a barista and mayor of Park City. Oh, yeah, and Dana Williams was — and still is — the front man for a rock band.
    After three terms as mayor and unofficial ambassador-in-chief of Park City, Williams is about to launch a new chapter. He’s not exactly sure what that might be. One thing is certain though — he’s had a heck of a run at City Hall.
    Williams was elected in November 2001 and soon found himself in t...

  • Bountiful • Before they opened Vapor Dreams earlier this year, Jen Littlefield and Lewie Lambros “triple checked” that electronic cigarette stores were permitted at their location on 500 South.
    Brent Gould, who opened Vapor R Us a few blocks down the street, also asked if his shop met zoning requirements. In both cases, Bountiful city administrators issued business licenses to the enterprises.
    But this week, the owners of the businesses, as well as two other e-cigarette establishments, were to...

  • Denver • The first batch of Denver businesses approved to sell recreational marijuana got their licenses Friday, the owners mugging for pictures and saying they never thought they’d see the day when they’d get a permit to sell pot.
    Applause broke out and cameras whirred when the first license was issued from the city’s Department of Excise and Licenses. The city awarded eight licenses for retail shops, 30 licenses for pot growers and four licenses for makers of cannabis-infused products such as ...

  • Investigators say they have reason to doubt a woman’s initial claims that she was being held against her will by a fugitive when Summit County Sheriff’s Office SWAT officers raided her home in Oakley.
    Sheriff’s Detective Capt. Justin Martinez said that the incident began when the sheriff’s major crimes warrant division learned late Thursday that the 46-year-old fugitive — sought for violating terms of his bail release on pending felony and misdemeanor drug counts — was hiding out in the home.

  • Denver • The first batch of Denver businesses approved to sell recreational marijuana got their licenses Friday, the owners mugging for pictures and saying they never thought they’d see the day when they’d get a permit to sell pot.
    Applause broke out and cameras whirred when the first license was issued from the city’s Department of Excise and Licenses. The city awarded 10 licenses for retail shops, 12 licenses for pot growers and two licenses for makers of cannabis-infused products such as pot ...

  • A woman died Friday after shooting herself while sitting in a truck, which then crashed into a passenger car.
    The woman, 32, apparently shot herself just after 6 p.m. while the truck, driven by her 43-year-old husband, was near the intersection of State Street and 7800 South in Midvale, according to Unified Police Detective Jared Richardson. Immediately following the shooting, the truck collided with a passenger car.
    Both vehicles then slid off the road and into a fence.
    The woman’s husband...

  • Two Lehi women are planning their wedding less than a week after taking legal action against Utah County for its refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
    Shelly Eyre said she and her longtime partner, Cheryl Haws, received a phone call from County Clerk Bryan Thompson on Thursday morning, notifying them that the county would grant them a marriage license — five days after a federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on gay marriage.
    “He called us just before their office opened and in...

  • John Swallow could well have become the first statewide official in Utah history to be impeached had the former attorney general not stepped down earlier this month.
    So say several House committee members, who, after sitting through two days of shocking revelations about Swallow’s conduct, reported they would have supported efforts to oust him from office.
    “I think, based on what we heard, we definitely would have been on course for impeachment,” said Rep. Lee Perry, R-Perry, a member of the Hou...

  • WASHINGTON • More than 1 million Americans are bracing for a harrowing, post-Christmas jolt as extended federal unemployment benefits come to a sudden halt this weekend, with potentially significant implications for the recovering U.S. economy. A tense political battle likely looms when Congress reconvenes in the new, midterm election year.
    Nudging Congress along, a vacationing President Barack Obama called two senators proposing an extension to offer his support. From Hawaii, Obama pledged Frid...

  • Salt Lake City is a mass transit success story. The city and the Utah Transit Authority deserve credit for creating and maintaining a meaningful system of buses and trains. There are many cities Salt Lake’s size and bigger that don’t have that.
    The benefits of that investment are felt not just by city residents but by the valley as a whole. Each time a car gets left home, we all breathe a little easier, and air quality is just one advantage.
    And while the entire Wasatch Front invests sales tax...

  • When Detective Michael Bleak opened his mailbox on a recent day, he was in for a surprise. In his mailbox, awaited a letter informing him that the U.S. Attorney's Office was honoring him for his work on a 2010 case.

  • Southern Utah District Office is 435-674-4791, 435-635-9603 or 877-865-5890.

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