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  • LOS ANGELES - The housing bust left homebuilders with plenty of red ink on their books as they walked away from swaths of land they no longer needed.
  • WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama signed into law a $24 billion economic stimulus bill providing tax incentives to prospective homebuyers and extending unemployment benefits to the longtime jobless who have been left behind as the economy veers toward recovery.
  • WASHINGTON - Congress took further steps to right the staggering economy by expanding a popular tax credit for homebuyers and extending unemployment checks for the growing legions of people running out of benefits with few job prospects.
  • WASHINGTON - Buying a home is about to get cheaper for a whole new crop of homebuyers - $6,500 cheaper.
  • Real Estate Economists Parse October Jobs Report
  • Many big companies and states are increasingly steering their travel business to hotels that meet "green" environmental standards.

  • Regulators on Friday shut small banks in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri, bringing the number of bank failures this ...

  • Move Inc., parent of, the online listing service for the National Association of Realtors, came out with its third quarter earnings yesterday. Sales were down 11% to $53 million. Although the company has been able to boost its cash flow through cost cutting and more efficient ...

  • Layers of investors, sky-high prices, and possible fraud will make it hard to clean up

  • Update: Just heard from White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. The start date for the new $6,500 credit for existing homeowners will take effect as soon as Obama signs the bill into law tomorrow (Nov. 6). Sorry for the confusion. And thanks to "Dean" whose comment alerted me to my error. (In case ...

  • Banks are in for another ugly year in 2010. But this time the problem will be the big batch of deteriorating commercial real estate loans on their books. That's because the big banks were operating with the same loose standards--and aggressive behavoir--as the investment banks in order to compete ...

  • Waiting for a bus on my way to work I picked up a copy of the real estate sections of The Korea Times, a local newspaper serving the Korean community in Los Angeles. That’s right the real estate sections. There were two, a total of 32 pages of real estate coverage and advertisements in one day’s ...

  • The Senate has voted to give the jobless up to 20 weeks of additional unemployment benefits and significantly expand a tax credit ...

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Faced with lurking dangers to the budding recovery, Federal Reserve policymakers are sure to leave a key interest rate at a record low to entice Americans to spend more and help the economic turnaround gain traction.

    The economy started to grow again last quarter for the first time in more than a year, although there are uncertainties about the strength and staying power of the recovery, especially after government supports are removed.

  • A foray into hotels by Sam Nazarian, who operates some of L.A.'s hottest nightspots, has turned into a costly slog amid the worst hotel market in decades.

  • You've seen the top 20; now take a look at the remaining rankings in the new Builder Market Health Index Fall update of the top 100 home building markets.

  • Mortgage applications rose for the first time in four weeks, reflecting a jump in demand for home refinancing loans as interest ...

  •, a Web site for commercial real estate listings, took a poll of 1,000 its members in the last two weeks of October. LoopNet members include real estate investors, brokers and owners. The results suggest that unlike those in the rebounding housing market, commercial real estate players ...

  • WASHINGTON - Construction spending in September posted a better-than-expected performance, powered by the largest jump in housing construction in more than six years.
  • NEW YORK - Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is reportedly in talks to buy tax credits from Fannie Mae, a government-controlled mortgage financier.
  • Quarterly financial results from BMHC, Weyerhaeuser, Huttig, Builders FirstSource, Owens Corning, Potlatch, Plum Creek, Rayonier, and Masco.

  • The move by the famously land conservative parent company of Richmond American Homes may signal a market bottom.

  • In just one year the company has overhauled its debt and is out shopping for land.

    Standard Pacific Homes may not be selling any more houses than it did a year ago, but its financial situation has stabilized considerably.

    On Oct. 30, 2008, the company reported a $368.8 million loss during its third-quarter conference call. It had serious debt coming due in 2009, and every year for several after that. And its debt to equity had climbed to 67%, bordering on triggering debt covenant violations.

  • Residential construction grows 3.9%; pending home sales move up 6.1%.

  • Strategic default, or a voluntary foreclosure, is fast becoming a major challenge to the government's $75 billion effort to keep ...

  • The Senate is expected this week to pass an extension of the credit that was originally going to expire Nov. 30. Buyers who sign a purchase agreement by April can now claim the credit.

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Construction spending in September posted a better-than-expected performance, powered by the largest jump in housing construction in more than six years.

    The advance spurred hope that the battered housing sector is starting to turn around and will provide support for the overall economy as it struggles to emerge from the worst recession since the 1930s.

  • The economic recovery is proceeding unevenly in its early stages, with areas hurt most by the housing slump still lagging behind other regions, according to The Associated Press' monthly analysis of economic stress in more than 3,100 U.S. counties.
  • WASHINGTON - Construction spending likely retreated in September following a housing-fueled rise in August.
  • Hundreds of pained Brockton residents will press federal officials tonight to help beleaguered homeowners in the City of Champions, which has been pummeled by the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

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