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UN finds mass grave with 75 bodies in South Sudan

Berlin • The United Nations says it has discovered a mass grave containing about 75 bodies in South Sudan.
U.N.’s human rights chief says the mass grave was found in Bentiu in the country’s oil rich Unity State.
Navi Pillay said in a statement released Tuesday that at least two other mass graves are reported to have been found in Juba.
A spokeswoman for the Geneva-based human rights office says the bodies in Bentiu reportedly belonged to ethnic Dinka who were members of the Sudan People’s Libera...

UK finally pardons computer pioneer Alan Turing for gay sex conviction

London • Britain has tried to make good by one of its most famous sons, posthumously pardoning Alan Turing for a gay sex conviction which tarnished the brilliant career of the code breaker credited with helping win the war against Nazi Germany and laying the foundation for the computer age.
One author said he hoped Tuesday’s symbolic act — the famous mathematician committed suicide more than 50 years ago — would send a message to countries such as India and Russia, where gays can still be prosec...

China credit market tensions stoke wider concerns

Beijing • For the second time in six months, a shortage of cash in one corner of China’s banking industry has stirred anxiety in financial markets.
Though tensions eased somewhat Tuesday following another liquidity injection by the Chinese monetary authorities, financial market analysts keeping a close watch on developments in China’s credit markets. Because China is now the world’s second-largest economy, tensions there could have repercussions worldwide.
“If it looks vulnerable as we start the...

Some Utah families decide they want inmates home for the holidays

Over the years, Gary Walton has had more than one father sit in his office with tears running down his face.
“[They] start thinking about the empty place setting or the spot around the Christmas tree,” said Walton, office manager for Beehive Bail Bonds and a 34-year veteran of the business.
The rest of the year, parents might be content to leave their child behind bars, but not during the holiday season.
The biggest days for softening of hearts? The day before Thanksgiving and Dec. 23 and Dec. 2...

Letter: Ruling makes all marriages better

Chaos. It seems that our governor and others would think that the Mayan calender was off by one year, and armageddon is now upon us. I, however, just feel more love in the air (“Judge denies AG’s request to halt same-sex marriages,” Tribune, Dec. 23).
Thanks, Channel 2, for airing newlyweds kissing at the city and county building. I remember other gay and lesbian kisses on the TV, but all were staged, advertised and promoted. To see the spontaneous joy that was being shared between long-time pa...

Op-ed: Massacre of marriage endangers the republic

In one week, New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize same-sex marriage through its state supreme court; a federal district court in Utah decriminalized polygamous marriages; and through yet a different federal district court, Utah became the 18th state to legalize same-sex marriage (“Judge denies AG’s request to halt same-sex marriages,” Tribune, Dec. 23).
These dramatic changes are a result of rulings that many consider judicial activism. The result of these and other rulings around the n...

Utah pepper jelly business takes off in Summit County

Wanship • When company founder Michele Trover began selling Pepperlane jellies in 1990, she worked out of small rented kitchens and even in the basement of the Wanship home she and her husband Mike built on the Old Lincoln Highway in this small Summit County town.
You might say the business has grown a bit. Nowadays, the Trovers and company co-owners Rod and Sandra Weese produce
14 varieties of the pepper-based jelly in a new state-of-the-art facility near the Trovers’ home.
Despite the new fa...

Letter: Network hypocritical for suspending ‘Dynasty’ star

Reality television shows thrive by promoting outrageous behavior and manufacturing artificial drama. But when one of the stars explains his understanding of a verse from the Holy Bible in an off-air interview, all hell breaks loose (“‘Duck Dynasty star off show after saying homosexuality a sin,” Tribune, Dec. 18).
The hypocritical network suspends him. Those on the left preach broad diversity and acceptance, but apparently these values do not extend so far as to accept those who may have diffe...

Hundreds of same-sex couples marry in Salt Lake County

A cheer exploded from the opening doors of the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office Monday at 8 a.m., shooting like a shock wave down a twisting line of ecstatic couples until it reached Coral Mangus and Andrea Dahl.
Gay marriages had begun again in Salt Lake City.
Mangus and Dahl stood at a mid-point in the line, just before it trailed off from one floor to another, and as the cheers bounced around the building they smiled. The two women met 25 years ago — “she exuded amazing energy” Dahl would lat...

Is a run for governor or Senate in Matheson’s future?

Washington • No Democrat has won statewide office in Utah in 17 years.
It’s a dry spell that eats at the state’s minority party, but one that could end in a few years if Rep. Jim Matheson makes a run for governor or the Senate.
But even a Democrat as well-known, popular and conservative as Matheson would face serious obstacles in deep-red Utah.
“None of his races have been easy, ever,” says Quin Monson, director of Brigham Young University’s Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy. “This...