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Do all candidates to replace Swallow qualify to be A.G.?

The Utah lieutenant governor’s office is reviewing the residency status of the Republican candidates seeking to replace former Attorney General John Swallow after questions surfaced about whether several met the constitutional criteria for the job.
Three candidates — Brent Ward, Scott Burns and Michelle Mumford — all lived outside Utah in recent years. Ward and Burns worked for the Bush administration in Washington while Mumford lived in California before moving to Utah.
The Utah Constitution re...

Gasoline prices dropping in Utah

If you think gasoline prices in Utah are dropping, you are right.
AAA reports that Utah’s current average gasoline price is $3.05 for regular, 18 cents less expensive than last months and 36 cents lower than a year ago. Only seven states have lower gasoline prices than Utah. And the Beehive State compares well with the national average of $3.26.
“Plentiful supplies, flat demand and falling crude prices combined for dramatic relief at the pump for Utah motorists this fall, but the lower pricing t...

Oh My Tech!: Get a smart TV or Roku?

Should I buy a smart TV or a regular TV with a Roku player? It seems that price is not the issue, but perhaps you can explain other aspects that may help in the decision? Thanks. — Steven Snow.
Most new televisions today are known as “smart TVs,” which means they have a built-in computer processor and a Wi-Fi receiver that enable them to stream more movies, TV shows and music through downloadable apps.
This ability to have apps that can play different content was first available only through s...

Father fighting for custody of daughter being raised by Utah couple

Nearly two years ago, Robert Manzanares acknowledged after a Utah Supreme Court ruling in his favor that he still faced an “uphill battle” in his effort to parent a daughter placed for adoption in Utah without his knowledge.
That mountain has proved even steeper than Manzanares expected.
Since that ruling in January 2012, Manzanares and the prospective adoptive parents — relatives of the child’s mother — have engaged in an ongoing legal fight over the now nearly 6-year-old girl’s custody. That...

Lululemon founder stepping down as chairman

New York • The founder of Lululemon is stepping down as chairman after raising ire with his comments about the body types of potential buyers of the retailer’s yoga pants.
The company also said Tuesday that it is appointing Laurent Potdevin as its next CEO. He succeeds Christine Day, who announced in June that she planned to resign.
Chip Wilson said in a recent television interview that some women’s bodies “just don’t actually work” for Lululemon pants. He also said that thigh rubbing over time ...

Monson: Hoist a happy toast to BYU, Utah State football

There are too many bowls. And too few quality bowl cities.
In that respect, BYU and Utah State are fortunate, indeed. They may be going to what some people consider lesser bowls, but those same people are viewing bowls entirely the wrong way. They look at history, prestige or quality of opponents, at what the reputations and ramifications of the whole affair are when they should be looking at … the realtor’s mantra.
Location, location, location.
No matter what coaches — and some misguided fans —...

Editorial: U.S. economy needs a higher minimum wage

The American economy is stuck.
The recession has been over, according to well-paid economists and bureaucrats, for more than four years. But long-term unemployment remains stuck at its highest level since World War II.
Financial inequality is only getting worse, which means that more and more money is pooling in places where it is useless to the broader economy, behaving as so much mosquito-breeding brackish water.
The federal budget deficit is declining, and interest rates are practically froz...

Mitt Romney documentary a standout amid Sundance’s stars

Filmmaker Greg Whiteley started making his documentary about Mitt Romney one Christmas Eve in Park City — and the first theater audience to see the movie will be in Utah, too.
Whiteley’s film “Mitt,” an inside look at the former Massachusetts governor and his family during his 2012 presidential campaign, is one of the films selected in the Documentary Premieres program of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
It’s one of 24 titles in the Premieres and Documentary Premieres programs, announced Monday ...

Utah weather radar detects huge wave of migrating swans

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and nary a drop of moisture showing up on the radar Monday evening when meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City noticed a large, and growing, blip due west of Salt Lake City.
It was about 5:30 p.m. and Randy Graham quickly developed an answer.
“Must be the swans,” said Graham, science operations officer with the service in Salt Lake City.
Swans, as in a huge number of tundra swans departing the marshes of the Great Salt Lake for warmer t...

Utah part of five-state meat and poultry recall

Utah is part of a five-state recall of approximately 90,000 pounds of various meat and poultry products that were produced under insanitary conditions and distributed by Yauk’s Specialty Meats, a Windsor Colorado establishment.
During a food safety assessment at the plant on Dec. 5, inspectors “discovered that product was being produced under insanitary conditions, including rodent activity in the production, storage and retail areas of the property,” according to this news release from the U.S....