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3 inmates, including cop killer, charged in prison stabbing

UTAH STATE PRISON — Prosecutors say a man already serving a life sentence for killing a Draper police officer teamed up with another man sentenced for running over a Springville officer and a third inmate to attack a prisoner.

Timothy Troy Walker, 39, Corbin Chandler Decker, 21, and Jordan Gailey, 28, were charged Friday in 3rd District Court with aggravated assault by an inmate, a first-degree felony, for allegedly stabbing a fourth inmate at the Utah State Prison at least six times on April 28, according to charging documents.

In 2014, Walker avoided a potential death sentence when he pleaded guilty to killing Draper Police Sgt. Derek Johnson. Walker ambushed Johnson before the sergeant could get out of his vehicle. Johnson had spotted Walker's car broken down and had pulled up to see if he could help.

In 2016, Decker was using drugs in a parked car when he was approached by two Springville police officers. Decker drove off with one officer still hanging out of his vehicle and then intentionally hit a second officer, according to authorities. He was ordered to serve consecutive sentences of one to 15 years on four counts, including assault on a police officer.

Gailey has a history of aggravated assault, according to court records, including a conviction of aggravated assault on a prisoner in March.

In the latest case against them, Decker and Gailey entered the cell of another inmate and "began kicking and striking" the inmate in what appeared on surveillance video to be in a "stabbing" motion, the charges state. Walker stood at the cell entrance as lookout, according to court documents. As the inmate being assaulted tried to leave, "Walker struck him in the face," according to court documents.

The attacked inmate, who suffered "substantial blood loss" was taken to a local hospital.

All three defendants could receive enhanced penalties if convicted, the charges state.