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These dead birds fell out of the sky like a 'horror movie' scene. Experts explain why

Why did 60 birds fall from the sky like a scene from a horror movie? Experts told The Guardian the likely reason. Adobe Stock

SALT LAKE CITY — About 60 dead birds fell out of the sky in Australia in what one expert called "something out of a horror movie," according to The Guardian.

  • Sarah King, founder of Casper's Bird Rescue in Adelaide, Australia, was called in by her staff members to see birds falling out of trees and the sky. A few of the birds were dead when she arrived there. She said others were screaming and blood was coming out of their eyes and beaks.
  • "What we were seeing was something out of a horror movie," she told The Guardian.

- "The birds weren't able to fly and were lying on the ground wailing in pain," King told the BBC. "Some birds were bleeding out of their mouth. That immediately made us think of poisoning, which we've seen before."

  • King said the birds — a "short-billed species of corella" — were likely poisoned since they are considered pests in Australia and are known for gnawing on power lines, according to USA Today.

More details: Rescuers said a majority of the birds landed near a local primary school, Fox News reports. One school posted on their Facebook group page about the birds. Some birds were taken to local veterinarians, but they ultimately weren't saved.