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Buy Traditional Made Décor Products with a Modern Touch from Aurijinal

If you want to provide a modern and unique touch to your home’s interior, then take a visit to Aurijinal’s home décor products website. All the products available at Aurijinal are of exclusive modern design but made with traditional decorative techniques like eggshell or mother of pearl inlay and eastern lacquer. They offer top-notch items like boxes made of Mother of Pearl, Vietnamese lacquerware, silk lamps and eggshell vases. All these home décor products are available in a glossy lacquer sheen and in contemporary colors. The main items provided by Aurijinal are as follows:

Ø Silk Lamps

Ø Seagrass Furniture

Ø Vietnamese Lacquerware

The head office of Aurijinal is in Thailand and their factory is based in Binh Duong province in Vietnam. The people of Binh Duong are known to be pros in using conventional lacquering methods for over a century. This is the reason why Aurijinal is eminent in designing as well as manufacturing the décor products mentioned above. The team at Aurijinal has European designers, Vietnamese production along with the Thai sales staff. Everyone in the team works together to ensure that the customer of Aurijinalgets modern and stylish décor products such as lacquer vases delivered to their store or hotel. The European designers keep up withall the contemporary designs trends in interior décor.

Apart from this the production team at the store is considered to be proficiently experienced in controlling the quality of all the décor products and knows the procedures for exporting the goods. Aurijinal’s main customers’ include retailers as well as departmental store, spas, restaurants, hotels along with the luxurious packing industries in over 40 countries of which the USA and the EU are it’s principal markets. You must visit Aurijinal’s collection because the store really offers a diversity of décor products which are allin contemporary designs.

Aurijinal is famous for using traditional handicraft techniques and they offer bamboo lamps, lacquer planters, seagrass furniture and indoor sculptures. Such designer pieces are well-known for being classy with a modern touch. This is the reason why Aurijinal has earned fame and has become an acclaimed name for with selling products with impeccable and unbeatable quality.

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