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Get Rid of Smoking AddictionthroughQuitGenius

Almost 20% of people across the country are addicted to smoking, not only this but there some people who want to get rid of smoking but still they fail to overcome this bad habit. People do a lot of things to get away from the smoking addiction; they join many training programs but they can’t help it. However, now it is the time to relax because QuitGenius is giving you an opportunity to get rid of smoking through its amazing quit smoking app. Through this app you can easily overcome the addiction of smoking. The app tracks your health improvement and through it you can save money as well. Through this app you can reduce stress as it helps to sleep better.

Using Quit Genius app is the best way to quit smoking because it carries many benefits with it some of them are as follows-

• Breathe and exercise easier- After 2 weeks of quiet you feel much better and can do exercise in a easy way. This is due to your blood circulation and oxygen level improves.

• Your smell and taste become normal in just 48 hours- Smoking habit can damage taste buds due to which we can’t really appreciate the smell of the food we are having. And if we stop smoking we come to know the real taste and smell of the food in just 48 hours only.

• Younger skin-People just waste so much of money to have a fresh and younger skin, but if you stop smoking you will feel that your skin look younger and beautiful, because smoking age your skin and bring out wrinkles at much earlier age. Apart from this smoking also stains your teeth but as you use this Quit Genius app you will find your teeth is becoming whiter and you feel fresher breath then before.

• Risk your heart disease- By using this app you can also lessen the chance of heart strokes. After on e year you come to feel that your risk of a heart attack is reduced by whopping up to 50%.

Smoking while pregnant, is also dangerous for you and your baby, quitting while pregnancy will reduce the chance of infections, miscarriages, bleeding and other associated problems. So, if you are planning for a baby or you are pregnant but you have a habit of smoking then this Quit Genius pregnancy pack has everything you need to follow and know about how to successfully quit smoking stay smoke-free.

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