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Area in West Millcreek may see new Development

At least 50 percent of parcels between 200 East and I-15, an area known as West Millcreek, are affected by blight, according to a Salt Lake County study.

County officials have been looking at the area within the boundaries of 3900 South to 4500 South on the north and south sides and from State Street to the boundary of I-15 on the east and west to decide whether the neighborhood could benefit from economic development assistance.

A public open house was held May 4 at the Salt Lake County Government Center to discuss the study’s findings. According to the study, the present condition of the proposed project area impairs the county’s growth and impedes provision of housing accommodations. The study also found the area to be detrimental to public health and safety and that it constitutes an economic liability.

For the area to be considered blighted, the study had to find that at least 50 percent of parcels in the area include the presence of at least four conditions such as environmental hazards requiring remediation; excessive vacancy including abandoned buildings or vacant lots that are zoned for urban use; abandoned or outdated facilities; and areas with large amounts of criminal activity. Physical dilapidation which includes deterioration or defective construction or noncompliance with building or fire codes are also conditions for blight.

Redevelopment Manager Emily Farmer said the blight study was initiated after two previous studies were conducted. The first looked at possible redevelopment project areas in Kearns, Magna and Millcreek areas and prioritized them based on where county investment could produce the greatest positive impact. The consultants from that study recommended West Millcreek for redevelopment. Original Article