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City planners think big with City Center plaza design

(West Valley Journal) City planners are putting on their creative hats as they begin designing the City Center plaza. The upcoming three-quarter acre plaza will be surrounded by light rail, a bus hub and Utah Transit Authority's Park & Ride lot.

Planning Director John Janson recently presented the new plaza concept to the West Valley City Council.

"We changed the initial idea since it was last presented in May of 2009," Janson said. "It's become a bigger project as we saw more potential."

The primary use for the plaza is for transportation and therefore planter boxes will be built throughout the plaza for aesthetics and additional seating. Its will also have a dual purpose of providing a place for art and entertainment, per instructions of the city council. They want the plaza to be a hot spot for concerts, farmer's markets, leisure and educational programs.

For this reason, Janson's team created a design which will bring an art experience. Janson solicited the creativity of staff members from the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Folklorist Michael Christensen and Program Director Susan Klinker put their artistic touch and creativity with coming up with the traditional elements theme of earth, air, water and fire, which will come to life in an artistic fashion.

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