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City, state leaders split on zoning bill

(Daily Herald) Three lines of legislation in a bill that only one legislator voted against this session actually affects only a few people but ideologically has pitted factions of Provo against each other.

At the heart of the issue is where city government ends and state government begins, or how far state government's arm reaches into the city.

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem, sponsored House Bill 381, which forbids a city from requiring physical changes in a structure with a nonconforming rental housing use or from ending a nonconforming rental house use. Simply put, a rental that was legal at the time it was built or authorized by the city has to conform to standards established at the time it was built, not the standards of today. He sponsored the bill because a number of realtors came to him who work in Provo and have lost money or had to fight with the city because city staff would not issue a business permit to rent until the buildings were brought up to the current code.

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