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Could Library Square plan doom Becker's re-election?

Mayor Ralph Becker is turning his allies into his enemies and may ensure a loss at the ballot box not just of a $125 million police headquarters bond, but also his own shot at a second term.
That is the warning from a growing chorus of Salt Lake City power brokers -- including a former mayor, former library director and former and current City Council members -- coalescing against Becker's "bizarre" vision of police buildings on Library Square.
If the sophomore mayor digs in, they caution, it could cost him his job.
"He's hurting his chances of re-election and his reputation," argued Deeda Seed, a former councilwoman who has launched a mushrooming Facebook cause called "Save the SLC Library green -- open space." The group may flood City Hall on Tuesday and is pushing the council to block the plan.
"I'm hearing overwhelming reaction rejecting the proposal," said Nancy Tessman, the Main Library's beloved former director who strongly opposes the "politically dangerous" cop-shop blueprint. "The city and the mayor should listen hard to what that means."
Seed says an "outraged" former Mayor Rocky Anderson even threatened to "run" against Becker unless the current mayor reconsiders. Seed wasn't sure if Anderson, who is in Singapore and could not be reached, was serious.
"I'm used to controversy," Becker said, "so this isn't anything that scares me." Original Article