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County stalls on approving service district for new development

PROVO (Deseret News) — A year after approving a more than 600-acre development that could become a new town, the Utah County Commission stalled Tuesday on approving a special-service district to fund sewer, road and fire protection for the area.

Commissioners said they had unresolved issues with Cole Cannon's West Mountain project, but they didn't say what those were and they didn't set a date to revisit the issue.

Commissioner Gary Anderson said he had issues with both the development and the service district.

"They're both tied together," Anderson said, expressing concern that if the development failed, the county could get stuck with it.

Earlier, he said the development was premature and that it was a move away from county policy, which leans toward attaching new developments to existing cities.

"This is creating a city," Anderson said. "I'm not ready to move forward on it."

Initial fire protection service could come from neighboring Payson and the county. Cannon said he is in negotiations with the Strawberry Water Users Association to provide water.

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