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Davis courthouse moves toward historic landmark designation

FARMINGTON (Deseret News) — The Davis County Memorial Courthouse has received its first nod of approval toward designation as a historic landmark.

The federal-style courthouse at 28 E. State was built in three phases. The first phase was completed in 1932, and others were completed in 1957 and 1979, with renovations in 1997.

On Wednesday, the Farmington City Historic Preservation Commission voted to recommend placement of the courthouse on the city's historic landmark register. The Farmington City Council has the final say over such designations.

If approved, the courthouse would be the second such designation in Farmington, after the Clark Lane Historic District, said Alysa Revel, chairwoman of the preservation commission.

On March 10, the preservation commission wrote to Davis County commissioners to inform them the courthouse was nominated to be included on the city's Historic Landmarks Register.

Davis County commissioners approved a letter to the city's commission, stating that they agree the courthouse has historic significance, but only the northernmost portion of the building. Commissioners had been concerned they could lose the leeway to make changes to the building if it were listed as a historic landmark.

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