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Davis office to aid property owners

FARMINGTON (Deseret News) — Davis County commissioners Tuesday announced the creation of a new department to help property owners through the property-value appeals process.

The Tax Administration Department, modeled on a similar department in Salt Lake County, is designed as a more efficient way to handle the thousands of appeals submitted to the county's Board of Equalization every year.

By September 2008, Davis County received nearly 6,000 appeals to property values after completing valuations of all 93,000 parcels.

As of Tuesday, the Board of Equalization, which consists of the three county commissioners, was still working through some of the final appeals.

Property valuations for 2009's property taxes are expected to be mailed to property owners Friday.

Starting Monday, the Tax Administration Department, headed by Ross Bartholomew, can begin addressing valuation concerns from property owners.

Bartholomew, who has served as chief deputy to Davis County Treasurer Mark Altom for the past 11 years, said he expects a large number of appeals in Davis County during the 45-day appeal period.

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