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Fannie Mae Announces New Pilot Program

Fannie Mae released its HomePath Online Offer pilot program yesterday, November 17.

The HomePath Online Offer pilot program will allow realtors to submit offers, receive a confirmation and be able to track the status of a submitted offer through Fannie Mae's  Web site,

Currently, the Web site displays Fannie Mae properties across the nation. However, the Online Offer program will be limited to helping Fannie Mae collect and manage purchase offers for Fannie Mae-owned properties within Orlando, Florida, San Diego, Calif. and Wayne County in Detroit, Mich.

“HomePath Online Offers provides increased transparency and efficiency in the submission process for our real estate partners and prospective buyers,” said Jim Tiegen, Vice President of Fannie Mae’s Real Estate Owned (REO) Regional Offices. “This online pilot is a critical step toward ensuring that all buyers have the same experience making offers and purchasing homes.”

HomePath homes are owned by Fannie Mae and include a variety of properties including single-family homes, condominiums, and town houses.