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Former Kennecott land planning, development director joins Draper management team

(Draper Journal) Russell Fox, former manager of Land Planning and Development for Kennecott Corp., has joined the Draper City staff as the city’s new community development director, replacing Assistant City Manager Andy Hall.

Fox was born and raised in Salt Lake City and now lives with his family in South Jordan. In his work at Kennecott Corp. he was largely responsible for land use planning for the Daybreak development. He has also worked for West Jordan City and for Envision Utah, a nonprofit group dedicated to quality growth strategies.

In an interview, Fox said he is coming to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with managing growth in Draper. He said he thinks it’s important to preserve the city’s past while working for quality growth in the future. “There’s a lot of past here,” he said. “But change is coming, even though we’re in an economic downturn.”

Fox said he wants to make sure the public is involved in making decisions about Draper’s future. He’s also excited about upcoming rail developments and the opportunity to create exciting new mixed-use community centers such as the Town Center.

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