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Highland plans to protest Lehi's annexation of Micron

HIGHLAND (Daily Herald) -- Highland City Council members are preparing to give battle over a parcel of land between Highland and neighboring Lehi City. A Highland resident called the action a move toward a possible "turf war."

Micron wants to annex into Lehi all its properties adjacent to its NAND memory plant, located within Lehi city limits. But a parcel of unincorporated land abuts Highland and is part of Highland's future annexation plans. Highland received a letter from Lehi asking the city to agree to the annexation move as part of the legal process.

Its City Council unanimously voted April 6 to protest the proposed annexation. The annexation should be vigorously protested, said Councilman Scott Smith.

"Highland already has utilities in place along the property line west of Highland Boulevard. There are also Highland neighborhoods on two sides," he said.

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