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Homes to be demolished to make way for new roads

(South Salt Lake Journal) The city is currently cooperating with the Utah Department of Transportation to make way for road reconstruction near 2400 South and State Street by helping to purchase two homes that will be demolished.

Currently, 2400 South connects with the westbound I-80 off-ramp at State Street. City officials said the intersection is a traffic hazard that needed to be redesigned. Residents living in the area near the intersection have also expressed interest in having some kind of buffer between the neighborhood streets and the interstate traffic.

“There is a city street, 2400 South, that intersects with State Street right at the same point that traffic is exiting from I-80 westbound and for years there’s been a situation there where you have cars on both the I-80 exit ramp and 2400 South turning right at the same time,” said South Salt Lake City Attorney Dave Carlson. “There have been a number of accidents at that intersection and then with the widening of I-80 it was going to make the road very narrow through there. So working with UDOT we decided that the best thing to do was to eliminate that situation where you have cars on two different streets trying to turn right onto the same street at the same time.”

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