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It's not too late to comment on Eagle Mountain annexation

(Daily Herald) Eagle Mountain is extending what could be the public's last opportunity to weigh in on a proposal to add 10,000 homes and nearly 3,000 acres to the city.

Elected officials voted to continue a recent public hearing because details of the plan have not been finalized. The city did not want to cut off the public's ability to speak to whatever details the city may hammer out in a developer agreement. The formal public hearing will be resumed at a meeting on Dec. 1.

Legally, the Dec. 1 meeting could be the last on the issue, and the council could vote that night, said city administrator John Hendrickson. The council could also again delay a final decision. Hendrickson said he could not speculate about which way the council is expected to decide.

DAI, the developers hoping to convince the city to add more than 2,700 acres, have said they would install an ATV trailhead, 39 miles of trails, 178 acres of open space and a rodeo facility to be built in time for the Pony Express Sesquicentennial next year. They are dangling those carrots in the hopes of winning approval for the so-called Pole Canyon annexation, which includes 117 families living in the White Hills subdivision.

In exchange for annexation and development approvals, developers are promising to bring up to 11,000 jobs in Eagle Mountain by building a large industrial park. They also have promised public rodeo grounds and 178 acres of open space and planned parks.

"There are a number of issues that have to still be resolved," said city administrator John Hendrickson on Thursday.

Those issues include "who does pay for what, and how it is paid for," he said. "That can be complex. The key issues in my mind are water, sewer, gas, electricity, and how those services will be had."

Though the city has spent months studying the annexation, it is by no means a done deal or even guaranteed that the city will accept the proposal, Hendrickson said.

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