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Landlord licensing one step closer

(Herald Journal) The licensing of landlords in Logan moved a step closer to reality Tuesday.

The Municipal Council at its regular meeting discussed a proposed ordinance requiring owners of rental property, or agents acting on their behalf, to be licensed. The next step is a public hearing scheduled for March 2.

The proposed cost of the license is $50 but landlords or agents could have the fee reduced to $10 — in the third year of being licensed — if they take part in a “Good Landlord” training session. The fee is levied per landlord, not per rental unit.

Some opponents of licensing have argued that licensing and inspections of properties aren’t needed because Logan’s codes already cover safety issues and all a resident has to do is lodge a complaint for the city to take action.

On Tuesday night, Blythe Ahlstrom, the chairman of a committee of interested parties that after several months of work came up with the ordinance, recommended the city better use another committee to resolve tenant-landlord disputes privately before entering the public arena.

Such a committee apparently already exists but few knew of it and it has not previously been mentioned during the licensing debate.

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