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Lawmaker has concerns about overoccupancy

(Daily Herald) HB 381 may be getting most of the attention, but another bill concerns Ray Christensen much more.

Senate Bill 45, sponsored by Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Salt Lake, increases the number of unrelated single people allowed in a single-family neighborhood home to three in university cities. Some neighborhoods in Provo have two- and three-person neighborhoods; some, like Wasatch, where Christensen lives, have a more convoluted formula.

In Wasatch, which has an S-overlay in a single-family zone, four unrelated singles can live in half a home, but a family must live in the other half, either in a basement apartment or in the main house. Reps. Steve Clark, R-Provo, and Lori Fowlke, R-Orem, voted against the law, and Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, did not vote on it.

Christensen is afraid this will allow four single people in a basement and three single people, which now will equal a single family, on top, which means seven singles coming and going at different times and seven cars in what should be a single-family home.

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