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Mayor wants to drop rec facility from budget

Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey likes to bill his town as the future recreation capital of America. But he no longer wants the municipality to operate the recreation center that has been at the heart of his community for four decades.

In Godfrey's proposed $139 million budget for the coming fiscal year, the line item for the Marshall White Center --- which serves Ogden's seniors, minorities and central city residents -- was reduced from $357,000 to zero.

That could set up a showdown with the City Council; members say they've been left out of the decision.

A similar proposal in 2004 ignited a firestorm within Ogden's minority and senior communities, who feared outsourcing the center could lead to cuts in programs.

Recently, the administration informed the council it would lease the rec center, at 222 28th St., to the nonprofit Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership, said Bill Cook, the council's executive director. But it provided no details.

"I don't think the council knows if this is a good idea or a bad idea at this time," he said. "The mayor has not involved the council in this process. They are still lacking critical information." Original Article