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New fire station annoying Highland residents

HIGHLAND (Deseret News) — Dan Baxter peers out his front window at the new neighbor that blocks his views of American Fork Canyon, has forced him to abandon the front half of his home and is currently shining a bright red light on his face.

"It's almost as if the building is positioned to shine the lights right in our home," he said. "Our living room is unusable."

Baxter and his wife, Mary, have lived in their Highland home for 32 years. But since the city's new fire station opened up a year and a half ago, they say their property has become unlivable.

The lights from the $2.9 million facility — the floodlight through the red Highland insignia, the circular lights on the trucks and the six red and green lights on the bay doors — have become so intrusive that, on busy nights, their home feels like a "combat zone," he said.

The 17,000-square-foot station sits 150 feet from the Baxters' front window.

Baxter praises the city's firefighters, who no longer turn on their sirens when leaving the station. But their lights shine, blink, flash and spin at all hours. They bounce off the windows, and curtains barely ease the problem.

Baxter wants the city to pay for a landscaping barrier to block the lights, an action that would cost between $8,000 and $20,000.

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