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No landlord licensing in Logan, for now

(The Herald Journal) Logan’s leaders aren’t ready to rule on a proposed ordinance requiring landlords to be licensed.

After hearing from a parade of passionate residents on both sides of the issue Tuesday evening, the Municipal Council voted to put off a decision for 90 days so a committee can gather more input.

Council Chairwoman Laraine Swenson alone opposed the delay, saying the proposal is the result of a year’s worth of research.

“It was not thrown together hastily,” she said.

Before the decision to table, tenants, landlords and several candidates for mayor and council weighed in.

“How many of us have to be in peril before something is done?” asked Isaac Timm, a tenant who said his landlord has failed to fix potentially dangerous conditions including a decrepit roof and a leaking fireplace flu.

Erin Timm, Isaac’s wife, said: “Without licensing we will be held prisoner by landlords who know we have nowhere to go. This licensing hopefully will ensure that those who run properties poorly will be put out of business.”

City staffers and Mayor Randy Watts have argued licensing is needed to ensure safety. Under the proposal, a property would have to pass city inspection for the landlord to be licensed. A landlord would need only one license, regardless of how many properties he or she owns. The license would cost $50 initially and $25 each year after. Those signing up within six months of the ordinance passing would pay only $25 for the initial fee. There are about 5,500 rental units in the city and 2,200 landlords. A number of Utah cities have, or are considering, landlord licensing.

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