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Park City won't try to buy Claim Jumper

(Park Record) City Hall officials have not talked about bidding on the Claim Jumper in a trustee's sale scheduled later this month, Mayor Dana Williams said in an interview, indicating that it seems unlikely that the local government would attempt to buy the building.

In the interview, the mayor said the Claim Jumper "has not been discussed at all." A notice of the trustee sale was recently posted on the historic Main Street building and the sale, scheduled Dec. 23, recently was advertised in legal-advertisement section of The Park Record.

"At this point, it has not been on our radar," the mayor said.

State law allows government boards like the Park City Council to discuss property deals in closed-door sessions. If City Hall in the next two weeks chooses to place a bid during the Dec. 23 sale, it is likely that the decision to pursue the building would be made in a private session. The bidding, though, will be done publicly outside the Third District Court building at Silver Summit.

Williams acknowledged that City Hall does not appear to have the funds on hand to outbid others for the Claim Jumper.

"I don't think we've got enough money to play in that game right now," Williams said.

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