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Peterson development rezone passed by city council

Despite the pleas of a roomful of Bloomfield Heights residents who neighbor the future Peterson development at about 5600 West and 7800 South, the City Council voted 5-1 on March 10 to pass both a future land use amendment and rezone in the future community.

During the public hearing, residents voiced concerns that the proposed development wouldn’t fit in with the feel of their community, and would bring additional traffic, crime and school overcrowding.

“In my opinion, I think it’s moving the issue instead of helping resolve the issue,” said Donna Defalco. “Our concern is, if we have all those multi-family homes bordering our neighborhood and Fish Lake Drive, that it is going to increase traffic and also reduce the value of our homes in that area.”

Barrett Peterson, Peterson Development vice president, acknowledged that it was a difficult situation. “It’s a tough site. There’s always going to be limitations to try to please everyone but you do it as best you can.”

Peterson brought two options to the City Council on March 10 to appease the council’s concerns, raised during the previous Peterson proposal at the Feb. 10 City Council meeting, about the transitions between the proposed commercial area and the neighboring residential areas. Original Article