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Planning department present recommendations to Holladay

(Cottonwood/Holladay Journal) At the request of the city council, Holladay’s community development and planning department conducted a survey to get a pulse on the business community in Holladay, and subsequently had a list of recommendations for city officials. The results were presented at the Holladay Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Aug. 14.

Holladay City Planner Rick Whiting was the featured speaker at the luncheon, along with a panel comprised of local business owners and the City Manager Randy Fitts. Councilmembers Jim Palmer and Pat Pignanelli were also in attendance.

“There are some recommendations and observations in the report that as a business man, I know you may not necessarily like,” said Whiting. “We are open to feedback and suggestions, but we have a responsibility to the community to balance the needs and wants of the business community.”

Holladay City has more than 1,300 business licenses issued with 63 percent located at commercial/retail locations. Of those businesses recorded, 12.5 percent of them are closed, which is comparable to neighboring cities.

“We found that the majority of businesses view the future of the city with optimism, notwithstanding the closure and delayed Cottonwood project, which gives an anchor to the community,” said Whiting. “Still, the business outlook is good.”

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