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Provo district to build new Farrer Elementary

PROVO (Daily Herald) -- Students at Farrer Elementary School in Provo soon will not need a boost to use drinking fountains and sinks in their hallways.

Provo School District officials have chosen to rebuild the school that served as a middle school for decades and is now in dire need of major structural repairs. Assistant superintendent Ray Morgan said the school is one of the oldest in the district, built in the 1930s. It was originally built as an elementary school, but was later remodeled and used as a middle school for several decades before returning to its role as an elementary school when Joaquin Elementary School was closed.

Farrer will be rebuilt as part of a bond the district received from the federal government as part of the stimulus package. Morgan said the school needs seismic and structural upgrades, but as a former elementary school principal, he is excited to see a new school built with elementary school students in mind.

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