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Provo nightclub in no hurry to make way for convention center

PROVO (Daily Herald) -- Utah County commissioners are ready to demolish multiple buildings in downtown Provo to make way for a new convention center. They just have one problem: One of the remaining tenants won't leave.

Provo City and the owners of the Atchafalaya nightclub are at legal loggerheads over whether the place should still be open.

In February 2009, the city and bar owners got together and agreed that the building would be vacated within a year. The city bought the building and then turned around and sold it to the county, which is overseeing the $41 million tax-funded construction.

"They're past due getting out," Provo's redevelopment director Paul Glauser said. "Our legal department is handling it right now."

Wayne Buehler, a manager at Atchafalaya, said if the city really had legal standing to evict the bar, they'd have shut the utilities off and kicked them out long ago.

"We've owned it since February of last year," said Commissioner Steve White. "We're not getting any rent from them."

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