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SilverLeaf Seminars is Giving Away a House

SALT LAKE CITY -- SilverLeaf Seminars recently announced they will start a series of courses in mid-September educating people on how to evaluate, buy, and service residential and commercial real estate mortgage debt, and give away a house to a lucky attendant. During these seminars a drawing will be held and the chosen winner will win a house in Indiana or Ohio. The winner will be able to experience firsthand the process of "working out" the mortgage debt alongside the instructors. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the lucky winner. By attending the seminar all attendees are automatically entered into the drawing.

Tickets for the Seminar are only $20 each. The seminars will take place on Sept. 17 and 23 at 7 p.m. at SilverLeaf's Corporate Office located at 224 S. 200 West Suite 110, Salt Lake City. There will also be a live webinar during the same time. The courses will educate potential purchasers and real estate investors on the mortgage loan buying process, and guide them step by step from A - Z on how to "work-out" the loan. Course subjects will include How to Buy a Mortgage, Mortgage Evaluation, The Work-Out Process, Title Law, Financing, and Property Management, to name a few. These courses will be taught by experienced professionals specializing in their individual fields such as law, real estate, finance, investing, and mortgage origination.

Shane Baldwin, CEO/Founder of SilverLeaf Companies, says, "This is a relatively new market for real estate investors. Buying mortgages can have advantages over buying real estate. Traditionally you have two options when buying real estate. You can either buy a house, fix it up and sell it in hopes of making a profit. Or you can buy and hold, and let it appreciate. With mortgages, you have many more options. For example, you can service the mortgage by collecting monthly payments for the life of the loan. You can resell the mortgage to another investor for a profit. You can foreclose on the property, take title, and then rent or sell the home. These mortgages can be bought for pennies on the dollar, and the purchaser can use the strategies we will teach to hopefully make solid decisions."

Baldwin goes on to say his goal with these courses is to educate people on how to buy mortgages at a discount, and work them out while creating a win/win for both the investor and the borrowers. "The purpose is strictly educational, and it's really a great way to learn how to acquire real estate through purchasing the debt. I'm excited to teach people what I have learned to do successfully myself. It's also an opportunity to help the borrowers themselves stay in their homes by modifying their loan amount, or possibly restructuring a payment plan that will work better for them."

For more information about the seminar and webinar, contact Jennifer Sagers at 801-359-2855 ext 221. To sign up for the courses, go to:

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