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S.L. County school districs call foul over tax increases

(Deseret News) Salt Lake County property owners will dole out $10.3 million in taxes to help pay for new schools in the Jordan School District in the next year under a new law. And for some parents who live in the Canyons, Granite, Salt Lake and Murray school districts, that seems unfair.

But according to lawmakers, that's the only way the state can help pay for the buildings the ever-growing Jordan School District needs.

The capital equalization law came out of the 2008 Legislative session and goes into effect this fiscal year.

Salt Lake, Granite and Murray districts had to implement a tax increase, meaning parents with schoolchildren are paying for education needs in another district. While the Canyons District didn't have to raise taxes, it did have to delay building renovations or upgrades scheduled for this school year to pay its equalization share.

"This is not a tax we requested, nor will it yield additional dollars to Salt Lake City School District. None of the estimated $5.7 million in increased revenues will benefit the school children of Salt Lake City," the Salt Lake District board said in a written statement. "Adding insult to injury, this required redistribution of property tax proceeds comes in a year when a dwindling economy has already forced deep cuts to the district budget."

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