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St. Francis Xavier Catholic school renovation gets underway

(Taylorsville/Kearns Journal) The long awaited commencement ceremony for the building renovation and expansion at St. Francis Xavier Catholic School took place on the evening of Dec. 3. The kick off ceremony was attended by more than 150 parents, students, board members and donors.

“The St. Francis Xavier School and Parish community are very excited to get this project underway,” Principal Patrick Reeder said. “It has been in the works for the past 8-10 years.” The school community has been raising money to fund this expansion for the past eight years.

St. Francs Xavier is a preschool through eighth grade elementary school, serving the Kearns community. The primary focus of the school is to work in partnership with the student’s and their families, the Parish, and the Kearns community in a Catholic environment. The school currently serves 270 students.

The renovation will provide some much needed additional space better serve the student population. Students will enjoy a new library on the main floor, an increase in the number of computers, and a new science lab. There will also be an extended day-care facility, additional restrooms, music and multipurpose rooms, and faculty offices.

The middle school students will see an added spectrum of programs not previously offered at the school. The new science lab will enhance the current curriculum, and the additional computers will also provide an added benefit. The expanded space will also enable the school to increase the number of students enrolled in the middle school population.

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