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Three words Parkites might not want to hear: property-tax increase

(Park Record) City Hall's budget team in the coming weeks will ask Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council to consider increasing property-tax rates every other year for 15 years, an effort to shore up a municipal balance sheet that is not expected to be as robust in the coming years as it was during the boom times.

The acknowledgement came on Monday as City Manager Tom Bakaly released the first substantive information about City Hall's budget talks, which are scheduled to begin on Thursday. It will likely create some buzz around Park City that normally does not accompany the start of the budget talks. The city manager has presented the elected officials a balanced budget totaling just less than $65.3 million.

It has been at least 20 years since City Hall raised its property-tax rate, the city manager said, citing research conducted by staffers. In that time, though, other taxing entities like the Park City School District have raised their rates, which have been reflected on property-tax bills paid by Park City residents. Park City voters have also authorized property-tax increases through ballot measures to finance open space purchases and the construction of the Quinn's Junction ice arena.

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