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Traffic delays cut in half with completion of 10400 South roadway

(South Valley Journal) "Been there, done that," is a phrase no longer being uttered by motorists who've sat idling in stalled traffic for years on 10400 South. An official ribbon cutting was held Jan. 8 marking the completion of the roadway portion of the $25 million road widening project.

"It really helps the transportation flow, not just on 10400 South, but all over the city especially on Shields Lane," City Engineer Brad Klavano said. "This is a vital roadway for the city. It links the high school, a freeway interchange and in the future, it will be the link to the Mountain View Corridor."

City officials now estimate that traffic times between Redwood Road and Bangerter Highway have been cut in half since the two-lane road has been expanded. The completed roadway includes two lanes in each direction divided by a center turn lane and wide shoulders for bicycles and sidewalks on each side.

Motorists who use the road daily say they have avoided the route because of terrible road conditions and overcrowding on the roadway.

"It's like the parting of the Red Sea now that the road is done," South Jordan resident Travis "Tunka" Tollison said.

Emergency responders are also breathing a sigh of relief at the completion of the roadway. Construction slowdowns and the narrow road delayed response times of emergency vehicles.

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