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Utah Legislature: Lawmakers balk at Herbert's road bonding plan

SALT LAKE CITY (Deseret News) — Most Utah legislators really like Gov. Gary Herbert's budget plans, but his idea of borrowing another $100 million for roads "is dead."

That's the assessment of House Majority Kevin Garn, R-Layton, and Senate budget chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan.

"We just don't have the votes (in the House) to go further in debt. We're approaching our statutory debt limit," Garn said.

Hillyard said he's personally against more state borrowing, "and I don't know of any Republicans" in the Senate who advocate it.

"There's a lot of good in the governor's budget. But not this," Hillyard added.

Herbert wants to bond for $25 million in the current budget year and $75 million in the next fiscal year and use that $100 million in one-time monies to offset part of the $700 million state budget shortfall.

While Utah has been frugal in spending during these hard financial times — and has a balanced budget — the example of the federal government's spending is cautionary, GOP lawmakers say. The current federal deficit is around $1.3 trillion.

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