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UAMB President Shares his Views on the Mortgage Industry

Bankers’ hours enticed David Luna, owner of four financial service companies and president of the Utah Association of Mortgage Brokers, to join the mortgage industry nearly 30 years ago. He wanted a career that would allow him to spend time with his wife and six children.

The mortgage industry has permitted him to do just that. Plus, Luna says that job security is never an issue as a mortgage lender. In addition, Luna says he is quite often given opportunities to help people through his career selection.

Success still possible

 Panel discusses Utah real estate market at "Word on the Street" meeting

Minor Subdivisions in Gransville

Two minor subdivisions are being proposed in Grantsville. One of the subdivisions would be at 286 East Durfee Street, and would divide one parcel into two lots. The other proposed subdivision is at approximately 465 Old Lincoln Highway, to divide one parcel into four lots.

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