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Conductive Composites waits for construction of new facility

(EDCUtah) Conductive Composites Company will begin manufacturing at a temporary facility near the airport in Green River, while its permanent manufacturing facility is constructed. When the expansion project began, Conductive Composites sought EDCUtah for help in finding a good location for its new facility. The company wanted to locate in rural Utah. EDCUtah contacted Mike McCandless, economic development director for Emery County, and worked closely with him and county leaders to help the company find a suitable manufacturing location, housing and financing.

Why Green River? George Hansen prefers a rural setting, for security and other reasons. Green River is also highly accessible, since it is situated next to I-70 and State Highway 6. Naturally, McCandless and Emery County leaders couldn't be more thrilled. "This is a real shot in the arm for Green River, which is largely dependent on its hotel industry and has nearly as many hotel beds as residents," says McCandless. "The company's wages will be 135 percent of the median wage for the community. We hope Green River will be a nice fit for Conductive Composites. The project is a really great step in our efforts to diversify the Emery County economy from coal mining and power plants into other industries."